The Arm DevSummit 2021 Keynote Live Blog: 8am PT (15:00 UTC)

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11:14AM EDT – One such step Arm is taking is with Confidential Compute support in Armv9

11:14AM EDT – Simon believes that Arm shares in the responsibility for improving security

11:13AM EDT – Addressing this problem requires fundamentally rethinking matters

11:12AM EDT – Meanwhile, security and cyberattacks remain an ongoing issue for the world and for the tech industry building this hardware

11:11AM EDT – And of course, all of this saves time for chip design

11:11AM EDT – While also helping developers innovate on top of Arm’s own IP

11:10AM EDT – Arm designed Armv9 to run the full spectrum of compute, from HPC down to micro sensors

11:10AM EDT – Armv9 will be the core of Arm’s next decade of computing IP. It’s already shipping, and will show up in more and more IP and chips as time goes on

11:09AM EDT – Now on to the not-too-distant future

11:09AM EDT – “At our core, we’re an engineering-focused organization”

11:08AM EDT – And ultimately, the steps needed to have a CPU become a building block of a bigger chip

11:08AM EDT – Continuing the walk down memory lane, Simon is now recapping the first embedded in-circuit emulation capabilities that were added to Arm in the 90s

11:07AM EDT – Simon eventually went on to become an EE, and joining Arm

11:06AM EDT – Simon is thanking Sinclair himself for inspiring a generation of techies

11:05AM EDT – Back in the days of the Sinclair ZX81 and its 1KB of memory

11:05AM EDT – Simon is recapping his own history with computing and how he got started

11:04AM EDT – Simon is starting off with a focus on the convergence of both the hardware and software ecosystems

11:03AM EDT – And here’s Simon

11:03AM EDT – Okay, *now* here we go

11:03AM EDT – Oh, no, apparently that was a fake-out. The stream hosts are talking for a bit, before Simon’s keynote actually gets started

11:01AM EDT – 200 billion Arm-based chips have been deployed

11:01AM EDT – Starting with a pre-roll video

11:00AM EDT – And here we go

11:00AM EDT – Which means keynotes have been going from just talk-and-applause to more flashier, Apple-like presentations

10:59AM EDT – Arm is not unique in this, but the switch to virtual shows means that there’s a much greater focus on videos that are produced ahead of time

10:58AM EDT – So Arm’s schedule and content is tweaked a bit to account from that

10:58AM EDT – Like pretty much everything else this year, this is once again a virtual show in light of the coronavirus pandemic

10:57AM EDT – We’re here for this year’s Arm developer summit keynote

This week seems to be Arm’s week across the tech industry. Following yesterday’s Arm SoC announcements from Apple, today sees Arm kick off their 2021 developer’s summit, aptly named DevSummit. As always, the show is opening up with a keynote being delivered by Arm CEO Simon Segars, who will be using the opportunity to lay out Arm’s vision of the future.

Arm chips are already in everything from toasters to PCs – and Arm isn’t stopping there. So be sure to join us at 8am PT (15:00 UTC) for our live blog coverage of Arm’s keynote.

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