The Apple 2021 Fall Mac Event Live Blog 10am PT (17:00 UTC)

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01:23PM EDT – 100W less power than a comparable discrete GPU setup at 160W

01:22PM EDT – 1.7x the perf/w than the competition

01:21PM EDT – “Crushes the competition”

01:21PM EDT – “Industry leading performance per watt”

01:21PM EDT – 32-core GPU

01:20PM EDT – 57 billion transistors

01:20PM EDT – Based on M1 Pro, but bigger

01:20PM EDT – M1 MAX

01:19PM EDT – Two new chips

01:19PM EDT – 10-core CPU, 16-core GPU

01:17PM EDT – Contrasting CPU and discrete GPUs in traditional architectures

01:17PM EDT – M1 Pro is all bout more power

01:17PM EDT – “Some users need even more”

01:17PM EDT – “The M1 has shocked the PC world”

01:16PM EDT – Johny Srouji taking the stage

01:16PM EDT – “M1 Pro” – next chip in M1 family

01:16PM EDT – “Reimagining the MacBook Pro”

01:16PM EDT – Hints at a new MacBook Pro

01:15PM EDT – Mac had its best year ever since the M1 introduction

01:15PM EDT – One year since the introduction of the M1

01:15PM EDT – “Tight integration between hardware and software that is unprecedented”

01:14PM EDT – Moving onto Mac – the meat of the show

01:14PM EDT – $179 – orders starting today and availability next week.

01:13PM EDT – Adaptive EQ is able to adapt the frequency response to your ears for a better accurate audio experience.

01:13PM EDT – Adaptive EQ integration – this is actually a huge deal.

01:12PM EDT – Newly redesigned dynamic driver for better audio quality.

01:12PM EDT – Force Sensor on the side for control

01:11PM EDT – “New AirPods with Spatial Audio”

01:11PM EDT – 3rd Generation AirPods

01:10PM EDT – Talking about spatial audio Dolby Atmos mastered audio content.

01:09PM EDT – Tim talking about AirPods now – some exciting news coming up

01:09PM EDT – $99 starting in November

01:07PM EDT – New colours for HomePod Mini – infused into the mesh fabric

01:06PM EDT – Moving fast onto the Homepod Mini

01:06PM EDT – New Apple Music plan that is only accessible over Siri

01:05PM EDT – New Apple Music plan “Voice plan”

01:05PM EDT – Apple Music integration into Siri for a music assistance experience

01:04PM EDT – “Taking the Apple Music experience forward”

01:03PM EDT – Talking about music consumption in all of Apple’s devices as well as Apple Music

01:03PM EDT – Music production on Mac has always been quite prevalent due to many professional editing tools.

01:02PM EDT – Focusing on two areas: Music and Mac

01:02PM EDT – And here’s Tim Cook

01:02PM EDT – Tim taking the stage.

01:01PM EDT – Apple is starting with the ususal artistic-styled opening video, this time playing with the Mac startup sound

01:01PM EDT – Intro video starting, retro reminder about the Mac bootup sound was created.

01:00PM EDT – And here we go

12:58PM EDT – We’re about to start so hold on to your seats.

12:57PM EDT – Following last month’s announcement event of Apple’s newest iPhone and iPad line-ups, today we’re seeing Apple hold its second fall event, where we expect the company to talk about all new things Mac. Last year’s event was a historic one, with Apple introducing the M1 chip and new powered Mac devices, marking the company’s move away from x86 chips from Intel, taking instead their own future in their hands with their own custom Arm silicon. This year, we’re expecting more chips and more devices, with even more performance to be release. Stay tuned as we cover tonight’s show.

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