Qualcomm Snapdragon Tech Summit: Day 2 Keynote on ACPC and Gaming

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06:40PM EST – VRR, HDR

06:40PM EST – Best sustained GPU perf/watt

06:40PM EST – running android

06:40PM EST – Switch like

06:40PM EST – Phones and up

06:40PM EST – Inspiring new form factors

06:40PM EST – Designed for mobile gamers

06:39PM EST – G3x Gen 1

06:39PM EST – Collab with razer

06:38PM EST – G3x Gen 1 announcement

06:37PM EST – Mobile gaming is big (50%+ revenue in gaming)

06:37PM EST – ok back to QC, talk about gaming

06:34PM EST – Talking about the industry

06:33PM EST – well, hands on a keyboard

06:32PM EST – Andrew’s avatar looks like he’s playing a piano

06:31PM EST – Meta rep and Cristiano in the metaverse

06:30PM EST – Facebook/Meta video now

06:29PM EST – It’s not about one size fits all though

06:28PM EST – 5G driving the evolution of social

06:27PM EST – The opportunity is real, it’s more than a buzzword

06:25PM EST – Automotive is part of the metaverse

06:24PM EST – No matter the version of the metaverse

06:24PM EST – Regardless of device, you’ll need connectivity

06:23PM EST – Metaverse time

06:23PM EST – Back to Qualcomm

06:22PM EST – Better together

06:20PM EST – ‘the new normal’

06:20PM EST – driving transformation at the edge for consumers and businesses

06:20PM EST – Lenovo shares this view

06:20PM EST – Smart Home, Smart City

06:19PM EST – Being connected all the time

06:18PM EST – CEO of Lenovo on a video now

06:17PM EST – 1600+ devices beyond smartphone using snapdragon

06:17PM EST – This is not a vision, it’s happening today

06:17PM EST – ICE and digital cockpits

06:17PM EST – Snapdragon automative

06:17PM EST – Revolution in mobile gaming too

06:16PM EST – Look into adding VR/AR/XR

06:16PM EST – Seeing traction at a high pace on a number of devices

06:16PM EST – Qualcomm has a one technology roadmap

06:15PM EST – Look at that handheld device

06:15PM EST – The role beyond the smartphone

06:15PM EST – Next few years you will see QC at the entire edge, not just mobile

06:14PM EST – If you believe in growth of the cloud, a company like qualcomm is making those connections

06:14PM EST – It’s a repeated statement – it’s hard to emphasise the growth of the cloud

06:14PM EST – Focusing on connecting billions of devices and making them smarter

06:13PM EST – That’s never going to change – going to continue to be the company that drives the pace of mobile

06:13PM EST – Qualcomm is most famous in mobile/smartphone

06:13PM EST – Taking mobile experiences into different devices

06:12PM EST – Cristiano taking the lead again today

06:12PM EST – Yesterday was all about smartphone, today is about PC and handheld gaming

06:11PM EST – Day 2

06:11PM EST – And here we go

06:04PM EST – We’re here on Day 2 of the Qualcomm Snapdragon Tech Summit, ready for a keynote on the next generation of Always Connected PCs (ACPCs) and non-Smartphone gaming. We’ve got new silicon and new handheld devices to talk about.

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