Hot Chips 2021 Live Blog: New Tech (Infineon, EdgeQ, Samsung)

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08:41PM EDT – two PCIe 3.0 x1 lanes

08:41PM EDT – 2 x 5 Gbit ethernet, accelerated MACsec support, hardware acceleration for encryption

08:40PM EDT – Fine granular access protection, DMA protection

08:40PM EDT – Hardware isolation at the core level, 8 VMs per core and Hypervisor

08:40PM EDT – ASIL D safety, security standards

08:39PM EDT – new accelerators – parallel processing, enhanced DSPs

08:39PM EDT – 500 MHz in latest gen

08:39PM EDT – Adding modern features as time goes on

08:38PM EDT – Aurix in production since 2015, Tricore since 1995

08:38PM EDT – Designed around two decades ago – Tricore

08:38PM EDT – Infineon Aurix and Tricore architecture

08:38PM EDT – ALso helps reducing cost

08:38PM EDT – Moving towards future architectures with an ethernet backbone and a central computer

08:36PM EDT – Need fail-safe system

08:36PM EDT – Connectivity – logical attacks, spoofing – any connection out is an attack vector

08:36PM EDT – E-architecture evolution

08:35PM EDT – fast security accelerators for authentification

08:35PM EDT – Machine Learning – workload specific compute

08:35PM EDT – Adaptable architectures with high availability without any legacy impact

08:34PM EDT – Evolving technologies – Battery, Sensing, AI

08:33PM EDT – Literally drive up a mountain!

08:33PM EDT – Let’s go climb a mountain

08:32PM EDT – Next gen automotive challenges

08:32PM EDT – First up is Infineon

08:30PM EDT – Should just about to start

08:22PM EDT – Going to start here in about 10 minutes

08:22PM EDT – Welcome to Hot Chips! This is the annual conference all about the latest, greatest, and upcoming big silicon that gets us all excited. Stay tuned during Monday and Tuesday for our regular AnandTech Live Blogs.

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