AMD Keynote and Dr. Lisa Su at CES 2022: Live Blog (7am PT, 15:00 UTC)

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10:27AM EST – 22 new software features in 2021

10:27AM EST – Frank Azor to the stage

10:27AM EST – *From 8 models to 18+ (not 18 new_

10:26AM EST – 18 new RX 6000 GPUs in 2022 from AMD

10:26AM EST – partner cards only

10:26AM EST – $199 from Jan 19th

10:25AM EST – +46% higher frame rates with FSR

10:25AM EST – Supports FSR

10:25AM EST – Smashes GTX 1650 and RX570

10:25AM EST – RX 6500 XT

10:24AM EST – Supports full software features

10:24AM EST – 2.6 GHz, 16MB Infinity Cache

10:24AM EST – New 6nm discrete GPU

10:24AM EST – RX6300M and 6500M at low end

10:24AM EST – New 6650M models

10:23AM EST – RX6850M XT at top end

10:23AM EST – RX 6800S, 6700S, 6600S

10:23AM EST – S is for Slim

10:23AM EST – Here’s a load new GPUs

10:23AM EST – New 6nm GPU for low power gaming

10:23AM EST – Growing RX6000M

10:22AM EST – RX6000S Series for thin and light gaming

10:22AM EST – Gaming laptops is the fastest growing segment

10:22AM EST – Now for new GPUs

10:21AM EST – 22 more expected in first half 2022

10:21AM EST – FSR supported in 45+ games

10:21AM EST – 8K and 480 Hz displays with Freesync

10:20AM EST – 2000+ Freesync displays

10:20AM EST – Need GPU, Display, Software

10:20AM EST – 6900 to 6600 already on market

10:20AM EST – RDNA2 designed for scaling and broad adoption

10:19AM EST – Laura Smith to the stage

10:19AM EST – GPU time

10:19AM EST – 20 new processors, starting February

10:19AM EST – 200+ systems in 2022

10:18AM EST – 3D Haptic Touchpad

10:18AM EST – For business users

10:18AM EST – Lenovo Thinkpad Z

10:17AM EST – Wi-Fi 6E support via PCIe

10:17AM EST – DDR5 and LPDDR5 support (no DDR4!)

10:16AM EST – PCIe 4.0 on Ryzen 6000 Mobile

10:16AM EST – AMD is an early adopter for USB4

10:16AM EST – USB4 at 40 Gbps

10:15AM EST – True 1080p60 AAA Gaming on an APU

10:15AM EST – Only AMD can do this on a notebook

10:15AM EST – The power of FSR on an APU

10:14AM EST – FSR through real-time upscaling

10:14AM EST – 19m notebooks each year are sold with entry level discrete graphics – Ryzen 6000 APU graphics beats it

10:13AM EST – DX12 Ultimate and FSR

10:13AM EST – double cache, double render backend, +50% more compute units, +20% frequency

10:12AM EST – hardware ray tracing

10:12AM EST – 12 RDNA2 compute units

10:12AM EST – 30% system power reduction on teams

10:11AM EST – Raw performance increases

10:10AM EST – more on-die sensors and switches

10:10AM EST – System management firmware is now smarter

10:10AM EST – New set of deep sleep states

10:10AM EST – Better efficiency means more battery life

10:10AM EST – More performance requires better efficiency

10:09AM EST – World’s best all-round notebook processor

10:08AM EST – 6nm helps

10:08AM EST – Zen3+ has new power features

10:08AM EST – Up to 24 hours battery life

10:07AM EST – First PC processors with Pluton

10:07AM EST – Microsoft Pluton included

10:07AM EST – Double 1080p Gaming

10:07AM EST – Enormous Generational uplift

10:07AM EST – 1.3x ST, 2.0x Graphics

10:06AM EST – Up to 5 GHz

10:06AM EST – DDR5, LPDDR5, USB4, Wi-Fi 6E

10:06AM EST – Same technology powering PCs, Consoles, and Teslas

10:05AM EST – Zen3+ core, RDNA2, 6nm

10:05AM EST – Launching Ryzen 6000 Mobile

10:05AM EST – Record market share for AMD

10:05AM EST – 150+ AMD designs in 2021

10:05AM EST – Partnerships with all major OEMs

10:05AM EST – A new mobile CPU every year

10:05AM EST – Executed a multi-generation roadmap

10:04AM EST – New Ryzen Mobile CPUs

10:04AM EST – Industry shipped 350m PCs in 2021

10:04AM EST – Notebooks +49%

10:04AM EST – Strong growth in PCs

10:03AM EST – Also, gamers

10:03AM EST – Raising the bar in experience

10:03AM EST – Selecting EPYC to power infrastructure

10:03AM EST – powered by AMD

10:03AM EST – Making everyone more productive everywhere

10:02AM EST – AMD is pushing the envelope

10:02AM EST – Trend will increase

10:02AM EST – high performance computing megacycle

10:02AM EST – preview next-gen technologies

10:02AM EST – Lisa Su to the stage

10:01AM EST – 3 .. 2 .. 1 .. go!

10:00AM EST – The recording has started… with a countdown

09:56AM EST – 3 minutes to go time

09:45AM EST – It’s the first week of a new year, which can only mean it’s the annual CES trade show! As per usual, the big names have major presentations set up to outline their products for the rest of the year. We’re starting bright and early today with AMD first out of the gate, and we’re expecting CEO Dr. Lisa Su to present details about the upcoming Ryzen processors as previewed yesterday at the CES awards. Come join us at 7am PT / 10am ET / 15h00 UTC to get all the details.

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